What is this place?

Relatively Average? What’s that mean?

I’ve been told on several occasions, by multiple people, that it doesn’t mean anything. Really, all I wanted to say with “relatively average” is that when you get down to it…we’re all the same. Everything evens out in the end. Relatively Average is my personal blog.

My name is Aaron Thomason. I’m a graphic designer living in the sunny desert of Phoenix, AZ. I am employed as a full-time web designer for a large company and run my own little gig on the side. I’m married to a cool dance teacher, and together we own a little house, and are slowly filling it with cats and dogs. I drive a thirty-year-old car and have a (probably unhealthy) love of the Internet.

As far as I’m concerned, coffee is a food group, days shouldn’t start until the sun is up and that it is more important to do what you love than to be wealthy.

Although being wealthy wouldn’t hurt either.

This is my little corner of the internet, where I explore any topics I find interesting: design and illustration, pop culture and the internet, minimalism, and most recently, sculptural welding.