Comments and stuff

You care what I have to say?

Sure.  If it floats your boat who am I to judge? Just teasing…this site requires no registration in an effort to make it as easy as possible for people to post comments. It uses Disqus to keep it as open as possible.

  1. Thanks to WordPress, your first two comments are moderated on this site, and require my approval so please be patient. I do this to cut down on spam and trolls and robots. Oh my.
  2. I’m pretty easy going, but jerky and generally deemed disrespectful comments will be deleted. I don’t mind being criticized, but if you are being rude it’s gone. You can tell me you disagree with me without resorting to third-grade name calling.
  3. Links must relate to the content of the post. I don’t mind links and encourage them when they’re relevant.
  4. I will delete anything I consider inappropriate. If you wouldn’t want your mom reading it don’t post it.
  5. Comment policy is subject to change. I will add or remove items from this policy as I see fit. After all, that’s what having your own web site is about, right?