Dinosaur Hunting

DinosaurInTheWoods_large A while back, I saw a cool illustration of a Tyrannosaur following a truck (probably one of the Ford Explorers from Jurassic Park) through a dense forest. Unfortunately, I forgot where I saw the image and haven’t been able to find it online. This weekend, I decided to make my own.

Drawing in the crash-tastic ProCreate for iPad application, I sketched it out as best I could remember, then colorized it. The original I saw was predominantly red, I believe, and while I liked the urgency that created in the image, I went with the early morning cooler tones of the purples and blues…this could be the part of the scene where the occupants of the car don’t realize they’re being hunted yet, although I’m sure that will come soon enough.

Even though I lightened the image up in Photoshop prior to posting, it’s still way too dark. The top of the image contains fronds and vines hanging from the trees, and the bottom third has plants and reflections caused by the illumination of the trucks headlights. Sadly, on the iPad, it really has a nice balance of light and dark.

The “making of” video:

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