Puppets, via Sketchbook Pro

Painted myself into a corner, as it were, with the Inspire Pro app. I needed to do some detailed work on a puppet theater calendar cover I was working on, and while the lightheartedness of the painting was exactly what I wanted, I found myself needing more control on the details. Exported the Inspire version so I could import it into Sketchbook Pro, and had to learn on the fly. There are some pieces I wasn’t crazy about, but I think with some time under the hood this will be my drawing app of choice.


Lions and tigers and bears – in Arizona


Further proof that Arizona is just too hot: they put the Out of Africa Wildlife Park right in the middle of the state. I went with an out of town friend who was looking to get her blood and guts fix by watching the predator feed. The workers roll up with a big tub of used-to-be-animal chunks and toss 40lb pieces over the fence to the big cats. The lion caught his…I guess he just doesn’t like having his food in the dirt.