Soaking it up

We spent our last day of our fishing trip much the way we spent the previous four: get up early, drive down to the lake, climb down the steep embankment to dads “lucky” fishing spot, fish for a couple of hours pulling in a total of one (mine, thankyouverymuch), before deciding to call it quits. The decision to bail was made easier by the fact that I developed a knot in my line that took me the better part of an hour to untangle, and that dad, who seems adverse to using sunscreen was beginning to burn.

After a giant lunch consisting of most of the food left in the fridge that dad didn’t want to haul home, we decided to drive up to the ski resort town of Brian Head. I had managed to talk him into playing a round of disc golf while there, but the course was closed on Thursdays. While talking to one of the employees there about the course a couple of college coeds showed up who wanted to ride the ski lift (also closed) so we were brushed aside so he could flirt with them.

We stopped for a couple of photo opps at Cedar Breaks National Monument before coming back to our home away from home, and began to plot our evening: dinner, then fish some more.

Cedar Breaks, Utah

Fortunately, neither one of us wanted to go back out in the sun with the high likelihood of not catching anything, so after an afternoon of reading and relaxing we spent the rest of the evening cooking dinner and feeding the chipmunks. After dinner, the Chipmunk Whisperer and I lit up a couple of the cigars I’d brought and we puffed away and watched the sun set over the lake.

Dad feeding peanuts to chipmunks

From our vantage point, we could see when the fish began feeding on top of the sunset-bathed water, a little sad that we weren’t out there but reassured by the knowledge that if the previous three days were any indication we wouldn’t catch any of them anyway. We did see birds of prey dive-bombing the water and coming up with fish almost as large as they were…without spending a small fortune on a resort stay, fishing gear, bait and tackle, of course.

Sunset over Panguitch Lake

Once again, I’m reminded of how much I enjoy these times with dad, when we’re not really doing anything, just sitting and soaking up the remnant of day. Dad, once again, got the chipmunks to come up and take peanuts right out of his hand, not something they will ever do with me. We sat and talked and laughed until we coughed on the cigar smoke, and when the sun finally dropped below the horizon he went inside, leaving me to finish my cigar while the small night birds chirped in the pine trees over my head.

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