Using the Procreate App for iPad for animation

So the new version of the Procreate app for iPad has an “export video” function. Take that little video, run it through the Cameo app, and you end up with a fun little hipster movie.

There are some caveats to this method, most notably the lack of a true timeline to go back upon which to make edits. It records what you draw in real time, so any mistakes are visible until you erase/overwrite them, both of which actions are also visible. Personally, I like the rough draft feeling of this style of animation. It doesn’t give as polished a finished product, but as an added feature to an already-amazing illustration app it has the ability to become my favorite digital drawing tool.


Whatever you do, don’t call it Frisbee Golf

Back in late 2012, a friend at the office invited me to play a round of disc golf with him over lunch. Having never played on an actual course before, or with “official” disc golf discs ­(Frisbees aimed at light poles in college doesn’t count)­ after a little research about the game I ran out to a used sporting good store and put together a cheap set: one driver, one mid-range, and one putter. All looked to have served at one time as dog toys or targets on a shooting range, but they were all reasonably round and flew straight with no small amount of effort.

The course near our office occupies a rocky, dusty little stretch of forgotten land between a canal inlet and a tall razor ribbon-topped fence around a municipal golf course, and is home to piles of trash, various desert reptiles, the occasional hobo, and jackrabbits the size of bicycles; in other words, perfectly appropriate for a newbie to the game such as myself. The piles of discarded building materials and cacti certainly aren’t going ruin my discount-bin discs, and the way the hills glisten in the sun thanks to the coating of broken glass is quite pretty, provided you’re wearing closed-toe shoes.

The details of that first outing are lost to me now, and although I’m sure it was a mixture of sweat, dust, cursing, and blood, it didn’t matter – I was hooked. Starved for just about any low-impact outdoor activity (not because I’m injured but because I’m lazy), we played at least once a week until the brutal Phoenix summer sun sent us running for our air conditioned offices. Since then, we’ve recruited several other players from our department, and even got our manager to play with us once. I introduced my brother in law to the game when he couldn’t play “real” golf any more due to surgery on both his knees.

My coworkers and I have gotten together outside of work on Saturday mornings – ­GASP –­ to play at nicer courses in town, even taking a day off and making a road trip to Flagstaff to play the course that weaves between the pine trees and ski runs at Arizona Snowbowl.

While we’ve all gotten better, none of us will be quitting our day jobs any time soon to become professional disc golfers. That said, I gathered up some of the video snippets of some of our outings, and with the help of the Cameo app strung them together into little 2-minute movie:

Besides being disc golf giants, a couple of the guys featured in this video are decent writers, too: Ed and Adam