Yeah, I became that guy

A coworker sent me a link to one of these iMac cat beds on Etsy, along with the unintentional challenge “You could do that.”

So of course, I had to do it:

The iMac Cat Bed

Moxie, enjoying the fruit of my labor.

It was fairly easy…once you can find an iMac that someone didn’t consider a classic piece of pop culture. I found this one on Craigslist for $20.

Taking the iMac apart isn’t all that difficult either, especially when you aren’t planning on reassembling it.


Update June 2014:

As I never got around to recycling the internals of this machine, so when I created my Self Aware robot, where I used the circuitry and cords.


Feline Anthropormorphism

I can’t remember where I saw it, but I ran across a collection of paintings of cats, dressed as little humans. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as creepy as you might think. Seeing as how we have more than our fare share of pets, I thought creating an illustrated version of our own herd may make for a good Christmas gift for my wife, so I set off to draw our cats.

Besides the difficulty of illustrating them so you can actually tell which animal it is, the hardest part for me was assigning a personality representative of the animal. I could slap a baseball jersey on every one of them and be done with it, but that felt like it didn’t really capture the individual qualities of each animal.

Laid-back Jasper
The Big Lady Dahlia
High-strung Romeo base jumping
Beethoven, the little resident hoodlum

While the SketchBook Pro iPad app makes the illustration process pretty quick, not to mention the convenience of always having it with me, it still takes 3-4 days per illustration to get them to where I would consider them done, and in the end I ran out of time. These four were printed and framed, and even though it was less impressive than, say, all of them being done at once, the two step process may save my sanity. As I get the other portraits completed they’ll be posted.


Scraggly Cat

While on the plane to San Francisco I had some time to get to know the Sketchbook Pro app a little better. While perusing the daily sale listings, I came across a scraggly old cat illustration for sale. What with the great texture in the fur and background, I thought it would make for a decent first-run with the drawing app.

I’m much better with a digital pencil than I am with a digital paintbrush:

I think I can get the hang of this.


Domesticated hunter

Finally figured out how the headphones I leave on this high shelf keep ending up in other rooms, or under a bed, or generally in pieces around the house. From this vantage point, Meelah can watch a bird or neighbors cat in the front yard, and has access to the stash of headphones/USB charging cables I keep there.

Meelah and her sneaky perch

Ah, the joys of pet ownership.