Say my name

For the first time since I was a child, I decided to dress up for Halloween this year. Sure, Breaking Bad had its series finale in the Fall, so I’m a little late to the game, but still, I wanted to do Walter White right: a real Tyvek hazmat suit, military-grade respirator purchased from an Army-surplus store, prescription glasses, beard shaved into the goatee, and of course, bags of Blue Sky rock “meth” from the candy store.



All in all, it was really well received during the three events to which I wore it. Only once did someone ask me if I was an exterminator…until I handed her a baggie of blue rock candy.

Her next guess… “A Ghostbuster?”

I guess there’s just no helping some people.

After wearing the Tyvek suit for three events though, I was happy to get rid of it. I can’t imagine wearing it day after day, season after season of filming…it was so hot in that suit that I thought I was going to pass out most of the time.

At least Heisenberg was a hit with the zombie nurse crowd.

Tracy’s band Medicine Tent played an event at the Rhythm Room and were all dressed as zombie doctors and nurses.