Justa Poboy – An Edgar Allen Poe Illustration

As part of my new self-imposed “draw every day” mandate, I’m finding it easier to just draw on the iPad than to try to draw in a sketch book, since I always have it with me. Today’s daily doodle is a dark little Poe illustration created with ProCreate:


Poe illustration - the PoBoy


The behind-the-scenes Poe Illustration video:


Bill Watterson, we miss you. Love, Spaceman Spiff

Sometimes when you start sketching you have no idea where it’s going to end up.

The sudden appearance of the ground and addition details is the result of the ProCreate app continually crashing while editing the layer. Apparently the “record” function just ignored what I was doing and jumps ahead of the glitch. To the app developers credit, the app doesn’t lose the picture itself when these crashes happen, and even though ProCreate doesn’t bill itself as an animation tool, the crashing and subsequent hiccups in the playback sequence drive me nuts. The rest of the app is so polished that it really highlights the problems when they occur.

And the final art, with Spaceman Spiff breaking up a little dino-rumble:

Spaceman Spiff and dinosaurs